Hot air balloon coloring page by Chloe Lights in dottillism style
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Free Coloring Book For My 6th Year Anniversary of Dot Painting

I have been so-so grateful for my art journey, for finding the courage and the confidence to create art, to better define who I am and who I want to be and for my passion for dots. I always think of ways to give back to the universe something in return and for my 6th… Continue reading Free Coloring Book For My 6th Year Anniversary of Dot Painting


For Mother’s Day

Some time ago, my dear friend, Anota showed me a video of how a baby developes over the period of 9 months and I thought to myself: this truly is the biggest miracle I can imagine! Mother's Day Illustration by Chloe Lights Mother's day is celebrated either in March or May in most of the… Continue reading For Mother’s Day

Dot Painted Sunflower by Chloe Lights
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10 Day Challenge | Day 7 | Sunflower Heart

Sunflower Heart Exercise When I was about 20, I obsessively collected books of mindmapping, positive thinking and psychology in general. I read the following exercise in one of these books, and even though now I can't remember the author or the title, the exercise stuck with me because it proved to be so efficient: Whenever… Continue reading 10 Day Challenge | Day 7 | Sunflower Heart

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