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Hummingbird Collection

Hello dears, In 2019 I created a jewel collection, called the Hummingbird which I now redesigned and created a video in English and in Hungarian to share you my thoughts behind the making of it! 💙Here is the English version of the video:https://youtu.be/EHE9zkTBR8s.Sziasztok Kedvesek! 2019-ben készítettem egy ékszer kollekciót, melynek a Kolibri nevet adtam. Megújult… Continue reading Hummingbird Collection

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10 day challenge | How To Love Yourself | Day 10

Today is the most difficult task of them all: you need to practice forgiving yourself for your mistakes. You might think you have never made one or that you did but you never think about it any more but you can't fully accept and love yourself without acknowledging and understanding, eventually accepting the fact that… Continue reading 10 day challenge | How To Love Yourself | Day 10

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