My name is Chloe Nyiri. I’m a dotillist artist from Budapest, Hungary.

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I’ve always loved mosaic arts and painting dots but I had no idea it would become my passion and profession one day.

I was born in Gmunden, Austria. I was a few months old when my family moved back to Hungary. I gew up and studied there. Thanks to my family’s support I’ve tried many ways and forms of art: drawing, painting, dancing, playing the piano, singing… but it was only in 2015 that I’ve found my one true love, dots.
I was inspired by Elspeth McLean, an australian artist who lives in Canada.She is the founder of dotillism and she uses sacred geomtric design to create beautiful and colourful stone mandala art.
I work in an industrial art gallery in the touristic centre of Budapest ( and thanks to my boss I started creating and selling dotillism style jewellery in 2015 summer.
I painted my first painting, The Little Prince in 2015 October. Since then I spend all my free time creating art, holding exhibitions, attending art bazaars and markets.
Part of my family (my mum, her husband and my brother) lives in London so I spend quite some time there, too. I’d love to expand my experiences with collaborating a company that works for a good cause.
Intuita Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – 2015 August-ongoing
House of Culture, Csomád (Hungary) – 2016 March
Liget Restaurant, Budapest (Hungary) – 2016 July
Music and Beans, London (England) -2016 September
House of Arts, Gödöllő (Hungary) – 2017 February
Friern Barnet Library, London (England) – 2017 April
MagNet House, Budapest – 2018 January – February