Welcome to the magical world of dot painted art!

Life is full of joy & colour! I’m a dotillist artist creating jewellery, paintings and gifts to bring joy and colour into others’ lives! Since 2015 June, I am exploring the possibilities that dotillism art has to offer.

Some time ago all I could say or write was: I love painting dots and I love mosaic art. Since then I developed my ideas of art and what I consider my art to be: an opportunity to fall in love with life.
Some of my art, especially my paintings do hold a message and when people get it, I feel like I could float away in space in my happy soap bubble
I hope to give a stronghold to humanity by stating in my art that even though bad things happen to us, we were not born to suffer and that we were definitely not born to depend on other people yet we are a community of individuals so we do need to learn to live with each other. Happiness comes from within and if you have a look at my art and your heart start to beats faster and you become happier than you were 5 minutes before, you made my day.


You may find all of my paintings in the portfolio section. That is a good place to start to get an idea of the work I do. However, if you wish to purchase a painting, jewelry or other gifts you can either send me a message or have a look at the appropiate section of the menu: Order.

Please send me a message if you have any questions, if you have an idea to collaborate, or just to say hello. 🙂


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